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Thank you for your interest in our school. Our school has applied the Montessori Method to successfully educate many of preschool age children between 2 to 6 years old. The rich and unique Montessori curriculum at our school is presented in a very caring, loving, supporting, and balanced environment. All our teachers hold bachelor degrees in education and...

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Curriculum: The Montessori Method is an educational philosophy. It is based on the principle that each child is an individual and should be approached on an individual basis. A properly trained Montessori teacher will guide a child's progress at the child's own pace.


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preschool highlights

1 Nutapat learns to pour liquids

from little containers that are just right for her small hands. Note the little sponge for wiping up spills...

3This special set of numeral cards

is used to help Noparuth learns to read numerals up to 9,999...

4At age of two and a half or three,

our children are introduced to a few sandpaper letters at a time until they...